Rules Revision!


Hello everyone!

We recently revised our official server rules. We decided that a few things needed clarifying / adjusting. The rules page remains

A summary of the changes:

  • Respect all players has been moved to rule #1, as we decided that it is the most important rule.
  • The language restrictions have been clarified and combined with “respect all players”
  • Rules on cheating, stealing / griefing, and building have been further reworded to improve clarity.
  • After some discussion, the PvP rule has been reversed. As most people on the server only PvP for fun, and not for actual competition, we decided that “give-backs” should be the default action. This means that if you kill someone in pvp you must give their inventory back. If you want to PvP for “keeps” you must specify so before fighting.

We hope that these rule changes will make disputes easier to resolve. Please post any questions or discussion in this thread.

-Arcane Staff