River City


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River City is a city located at the East of Spawn. It currently has two buildings and one active member. Founded at late 2014, River City was visioned to be the first modern-style and urban city in the Arcane world. Right now, it has only one active member.

The city started out with a road. The road is made of asphalt (coal blocks…) and is painted with expensive permanent paint (quartz and gold) to make sure travelers do not collide with one another when travelling on the roads. From there, two buildings were being constructed: the City Hall and the skyscraper. Unfortunately, due to time constraint. lack of resources, and extreme variety of blocks, the unfinished skyscraper had to be demolished.

The first building to be completed is the City Hall. It was built by 12klausma soon after the founding of the city, and it used extreme amount of quarts to make the whole building. This was the only standing building for half-an-year.

The second building is the East River Park Railway Station house. It uses the state-of-art rail switch to switch cargo rails from express track to local track. Currently, this city is the terminal for the railway.

Over some roads, there are elevated rail tracks that carry rail traffic.

There is no direct portal to the city yet. There are three ways to get to the city: by the East Road, the Nether Highway, or the East River Park Railway. For the Nether Highway, take the East/Yellow line and get out in the first exit and walk towards the East Road/SRP.

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Right now, the River City is looking for members or builders! If you are confident in building modern-style buildings, or if you just want to build stuff, come join me in making its vision come true!


Hey Simon, remember, I’ll come over any time and build whatever you want!


i’m in!


So many guys came in this month O_O