[Rejected] LLBull's Application


Please make sure your top
ic goes in this format: [Position] Username LLBull

  • Age:14
  • Discord user tag:Luk3
  • Location/Timezone:Eu/England

##Why you want to be a moderator? I Really want to help out a server and I Think that Arcane would be a great server to be a Staff member . Furthermore the Players are really encouraging towards me and Help me out , so I thought that this would be a good chance to return the favour.

##Relevant experience: I haven’t Had much experience but I have helped out on Player created servers on bigger servers if that makes sense as A Helper

##Anything you would like to add:I Would like to be mod On kitpvp or Practice If that helps. I have played Arcane for a while and I love it This is why I would like to be staff - Thank You Luke.


Hey LLBull,

Your application has been rejected.

You did not play for even a single minute on Arcane Survival.

In addition, we do not have Kit PvP. Arcane Survival is a semi-vanilla server. We do not have kits.

Please try again after actually playing on the server.