Regarding the spawn lighthouse


So Saint (I think) has been gone for quite some time now. I don’t know when he plans on returning. He started the lighthouse just outside of spawn. Anyway, I’m tired of looking at a barely started lighthouse and want to build something else there. I found this really cool website that allows you to plan out certain builds, which includes a lighthouse. the link is below. If I could get some approval, I wouldn’t have any issues building this. I would use boneblocks for the white, and red clay for the red.

“Please link ONLY to this page, not model pages.”


Good idea.

Go for it.


I’ll put all of Saint’s stuff in a chest


I actually have a better idea. I’m going to build it where a true lighthouse should go. In my picture below, I’ve highlighted the general area where I think it should be built. My top choice is at the top edge of the northernmost island. Let me know, and I’ll get building asap



I was thinking the other side of the landmass since there’s a gigantic bridge right next to it. Somewhere around here: … &y=64&z=32


yeaaaa too late. It’s already built LOL