Public Farms and Useful Buildings - First World


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Hello everyone !

In this thread, you will find all the farms and useful buildings of Arcane, organized clock-wise at Spawn and by Highway, from closer to further.

If you’re looking for something specific, please use ctrl+f or cmd+f.


1. Farm District

You can find there:
Wheat, seeds, carrots, potatoes, vines, cocoa beans, sugar canes and 2 blocks tall flowers.

2. Cow Farm

You can find there:
Leather, cooked beef, beef.

3. Post Mailbox Office

You can find there:
Mailboxes, gifts.

4. North Public “Pondside’s” Iron Farm

You can find there:
Iron, roses.

5. Skeleton Farm

You can find there:
Bones, arrows.

6. Ice Farm

You can find there:

7. ChestCave

You can find there:
Resources for public builds.

8. Melon and Pumpkin Farm

You can find there:
Melon slices, pumpkins.

9. Arcane Ravine Market

You can find there:
Trading, rare and common stuff, advices.

10. South Public “B455M4N’s” Iron Farm

You can find there:
Iron, roses.

11. Customs House

You can find there:
Gear, donations, food.

[size=150][color=#BF00FF]GRAPE(WEST) HIGHWAY[/color][/size]

1. Gold Farm

You can find there:
Gold, rotten flesh, gold swords, gold nuggets.

[size=150][color=#0000FF]BLUEBERRY(NORTHWEST) HIGHWAY[/color][/size]

1. Sheep Farm

You can find there:
White, Black, Grey, Light Grey, Purple, Magenta, Pink, Red, Orange, Yellow, Lime, Green, Brown, Blue, Cyan and Light Blue wool.

2. Blaze XP Grinder

You can find there:
Blaze rods, experience(XP), enchanting.

[color=#00BFFF][size=150]TOOTHPASTE(NORTH) HIGHWAY[/size][/color]

1. Fortress Farm

You can find there:
Wither skulls, coal, stone swords, bones, arrows, bows, blaze rods, gold nuggets, gold ingots, gold swords, magma cream, ghast tears.

2. Sand, Sandstone and Stone Quarries

You can find there:
Sand, Sandstone, Stone, Cobble (No Andesite, Diorite or Granite).

[color=#00BF00][size=150]GREEN APPLE(NORTHEAST) HIGHWAY[/size][/color]

1. Ocelot Taming Zone

You can find there:

2. Guardian Farm

You can find there:
Prismarine shards, prismarine crystals, raw fish, cooked fish, slimeballs, ink sacs.

3. Triple Spider XP Grinder

You can find there:
Spider eyes, string, experience(XP).

[color=#FFBF00][size=150]BANANA(EAST) HIGHWAY[/size][/color]

1. Sand Converter

You can find there:

2. Netherwart Farm

You can find there:

[color=#FF8000][size=150]PUMPKIN(SOUTHEAST) HIGHWAY[/size][/color]

1. Enderender

You can find there:
Experience(XP), enderpearls, endstone.

2. Slime Farm

You can find there:

3. Arcanesoft Paint

You can find there:
Drawing on maps (CAUTIOUS: Extremely ressource intensive).

[color=#FF0000][size=150]CHERRY(SOUTH) HIGHWAY[/size][/color]

1. Wither Killer

You can find there:

2. Public Iron Farm

You can find there:
Iron, roses.

3. Witch Farm

You can find there:
Glass bottles, glowstone dust, gunpowder, redstone, spider eyes, sugar and sticks.

[color=#FF40FF][size=150]CAKE(SOUTHWEST) HIGHWAY[/size][/color]

No farms on Cake Highway for now.

Not included:
Tree and Mushroom Farms: They were empty, their placement make them useless now.
xEgoC and Jaydawg’s Mob Farm: Closed/Broken

Please leave a reply if I forgot a farm or a new one opens !

[size=85]Edit: Changed the Title (2016-03-21), I think we should have a separate thread for the New world.


No offense to the person that made it, but last time I went to the skeleton farm, it was painfully slow at getting drops.




Are you meaning the one at Spawn?

On that note, I’d like you to add the Kredik Shaw Skeleton Grinder to the list.
However, I’m well aware that getting to it isn’t the most straightforward thing.

I should be getting the Internet access back next week, so I’ll see about getting that up to code.


You should make it easily accessible then :slight_smile:
And is it better, faster or more user-friendly than the one currently listed ?


orchid farm added on the light blue highway


oooo an orchid farm!


Going to limit this to the First World.

Once we get some more Useful Buildings up, we’ll start a new thread for the Second.