[Protection] The Arcane Defense of History Division (ADHD)


Dear Arcanians,

As the server grows older, some bases are sadly abandoned by players who do not wish to come online anymore.

For those bases, a sad destiny awaits: to be slowly griefed and destroyed, or to be completely erased by players judging that the base is abandoned.

I believe some of these base cannot be allowed to fade and disappear. I believe some of them are works of art, and have to be protected by the Server and it’s community.

In light of the soon-to-be protection plugin, I would like the creation of the Arcane Defense of History Division.

This Division would have the task to find impressive abandoned bases and put them under a server protection, in the same way the Spawn Building is protected right now. Then, they would compile those protected bases into a list of server-protected bases.

How would a base be listed? It would have to be proposed to the Division, then examined by it, and then it would be to Agentred100 to say if the base becomes or not a Protected Base.

Through this list, some bases would then be available to build in, for purposes such as:
-Public Farms
-Community Builds
-PvP-Arena transformation (temporary or not)
-Server Tours, etc…

Who can become part of the Arcane Defense of History Division?
Anyone! Just make yourself known, and check out the indicated bases, and give your opinion!


I would volunteer for such an honorable duty


I suggest that the builds on this thread (excluding the iron farm) should if necessairy be placed under public protection.



That’s a wonderful idea, I’m in!


Great idea, I support.