So programming, it’s fun. Anybody here know a thing or two about it? If so what langauges, and what is your skill level?

I am currently trying to learn Java. So far it’s a lot of fun but a very daunting task. :slight_smile:


I read about Java language coding, but then backed up, saying “NOPE.”
I have to take program coding one step at a time.

Aside programming, I know fundamental HTML coding enough to make a web page from notepad:

Some codes

This is code

I now this code will look better if there is CSS style defined...


Taught myself Java a couple summers ago. The official tutorials were good enough for getting the hang of it, in my opinion. I’ve since gotten into C and Python a little, but Java’s still my strongest language.


I tried to learn LUA once, it turned out alright-ish.


I’m a professional software developer, working primarily with C, C++, Objective C, x86 and x64 assembly and Python at the moment. In the past I’ve also worked with Java, C#, Ada, Visual Basic and a host of other scripting languages.


That’s awesome! One day I hope to have experience like you.