So the server has a room:

For those of you who don’t know what is, it allows a group of users to take turns “DJing” by playing videos off of YouTube.

How to Use

[ul]By default, when you join the room, you will just be listening to other DJers. To DJ yourself, you need to first make a playlist (bottom left corner). Once you’ve got a nice collection of sick party tunes, click the “Join Wait List” button (above the playlist bar thing).

If you don’t like the song currently being played (give it some time first) you can click the “meh” button to the right of the DJ stand. If the song gets enough “mehs” it will be skipped.

You earn points by getting “woots” and by giving “woots”. I don’t think these points do anything other than unlock more avatars.

Some Guidelines

Don’t “meh” a song right from the get go just because it doesn’t immediately fit your tastes or because you want to DJ sooner.

Try not to play long songs (longer than 6 minutes). No one wants to listen to a never-ending deadmau5 song. Also, someone else might want to dj and you’d be taking forever.

The language rules are a little different than on the server. Feel free to play whatever you want. However, do not get upset when people “meh” your Slim Shady because they found it too offensive.[/ul]


This is probably the coolest thing ever haha I’ll probably use this until server comes back up today.

P.S. I like slim shady… :stuck_out_tongue: