Other skills


Playing Minecraft’s one awsome hobby to have.

Aside Minecraft, is there anything you guys do as a hobby?

I like (trying) to make videos using After Effects. I also use Painttool SAI to draw stuff… sometimes.



I like cooking. :slight_smile:

My boyfriend sets off the smoke alarm boiling water, so I do all the cooking now lol. I’ve learned to like it and I’ve become really good at it!

I like looking up new, different recipes to try. It keeps things new and interesting.

My favorite thing to make is a Mexican-style Mac & Cheese that has chorizo, corn, and beans in it. :slight_smile:


trickjumping youtube.com/watch?v=m7goxvImgWE
skateboarding youtube.com/watch?v=GDXms1k5gWw


Lately there’s been a lot of knitting (I learned gloves, now I’m trying to master socks and actually finishing a bedspread) and a bit of motherfuckin’ crochet.

I used to cook a lot but Khuz has been getting so good at it that I just sit back and get fed (yesterday’s dinner was roasted quails with onions sautéed in Port and crispy potatoes - fuck yeah). Sushis are still my domain tho.


Does Khuz deliver to America?


I study Russia. (it has to become a passion, and a skill, to study it more than 3 years)


Does Khuz deliver to America?[/quote]


I’m really, really good at doing nothing… if this mean anything…? At least, that’s what people always say about me.


Perhaps we can start a club together.


I dabble in programming and circuitry. Had an Arduino Uno until some friends accidentally caused a short circuit while we were building a robot. :stuck_out_tongue:

On the programming side, I’m mostly a Java guy, working on learning C a little too.


(yesterday’s dinner was roasted quails with onions sautéed in Port and crispy potatoes - fuck yeah). [/quote]

Damn. I’m jealous. I never make anything that fancy. :frowning:


Perhaps we can start a club together.[/quote]

That’s a good idea! We should talk about that later on tho… But for real, we could build a club building on the server were you could just hang out. Kind of useless, but, hey, its Minecraft and every thing is more or less useless…


It’s not a skill I have yet, but I’m working on it!
I’m currently taking Flight Ground School to get into aviation.

Hope to be a pilot one day!