Oceanview & The Empire Of Allay


[ul]The Allayan Empire is a nation located primarily in the South East of the Arcane world, with the majority of territory on/in The Great Cerulean Ocean. The nations capital is the renaissance city of Oceanview, and the empire is ruled by a joint Parliament - Emperor constitution. The nations ruling party is know as the Dominion Of Allay, who have their hand far stretched in the election system. Besides the Dominion Of Allay, there are two other leading political parties, The Defenders Of The First Faith, and The Cerulean Order. While the political system is important in Allay, members are not required to vote, campaign, or be involved in politics at all however it is recommended. The capital city Oceanview is a coastal city with huge industries including shipping, and manufacturing. The city is also heavily invested in the arts, and offers sanctuary to anyone traveling, or wishing to join the Allayan Empire.[/ul]
[size=85][ul]Here is a map of the central area of Allay, that does not include separate small private owned territories.[/ul][/size]


Oceanview Update: Dock district now available

There is an exciting new development in Oceanview, several houses and warehouse spaces have become available to anyone who wishes to join to empire. In addition all new signing members are granted one free house within Oceanview.