New spawn group build event



As expected, we’ve all scattered and started on our projects in the new map.

I propose we choose a week-end day, to work on the new spawn as a group. We could do it once a week on that date.

I propose this Saturday, tomorrow, as the first New Spawn Group Build. I think a week-end is best, since many of us are in school or work.

[color=#0000FF]3PM EST START!!![/color]


We could start in the afternoon and just see what happens. We’ll all be on mumble as well during the event



Sure, but I assume most people are building up their own stockpile of materials first.


I think we should allow spawn to evolve naturally. The only real matter I can see us ‘helping’ in is lighting up the surrounding areas and tidying up the terrain to make it more pleasant to traverse. Perhaps the farm could use an upgrade, as well.


I’ll hopefully be able to come on.

Let’s make the new spawn area more interesting. :smiley:


The build day was great :smiley:

But we’re not done yet! We’re still building more stuff. :astonished:

Also, it’d be great if the link to the editable, live map plan was added to the header post:

Let’s have the next continuous event happen on the coming Saturday. Does that sound OK?

Thanks all! And thanks to greasy_bandit for getting the plan moving!