New Shambhala: Shambhala/Freehaven's 1.9 Colony!



Sub be claiming shit


Great plans in store for New Shambhala!!

There will be the coolest of harbours, with a gorgeous port.

Then, there will be a castle lining the top along the whole of the awesome round valley, along the top of the mountains, with parapets and the like.

Going to put the new Ocelot Training zone next to Makhnovchina, in that jungle there near spawn.

It will also be a rail hub, with rail going out to rykun’s new area.


Long live Shambhala!


Sub we need to add Mon and Draganna_DLV to Shambhala group perms.


Refined the borders; will these ones be final (for mainland Shamb)?


Thank you! Much nicer, those clean lines :slight_smile:

I just used gnomepaint.

That’s the claim area.


Please (please please please), be careful with Gravel near the Chest-tower.

The Path is almost finished, but the Redstone is NOT waterproofed yet.

On that note, if anyone wants to check T he Path out, hit the button on the Log in front of the Docks (Hands please, no Arrows!)