Nether Highway Maintenance


Since Karasaar has been missing, I have been maintaining the highways for him. After talking with Rhalyon and Bbycake, it seems we need a person to keep the highway system under control…it has gotten awful messy lately with people adding whatever they want without regard to style or function. So I will be taking over the Highway Maintenance Department.

If you want to connect to the nether highway there is a style, that the server has decided to use to maintain uniformity. If you are unsure how to do that feel free to ask for help, I will be more then happy to help you get set-up.

A proper highway connection is:

  1. Named…All personal exits are called “Special Exits” and do not get a sign in the main hub. All public farms and biome hubs get Lettered exit numbers and will be listed on the main hub wall.
  2. Ice…it will be ice as far as possible to the portal, if there must be elevation changes, please use slabs to terrace so hunger is not used jumping.
  3. Height…the height is set short so people can sprint jump across the ice for speed, all roads need to maintain this heights for user speed convenience
  4. Materials…the sides are Stone Brick with nether fence railings, Stone slabs are used as ceiling and to change elevation levels
  5. Lighting…torches are not to be used for lighting, it melts the ice and people can slide off the road.
    A proper Approach:

    A proper Descent:

I am more then willing to help anyone that would like help with labor or materials making their roads match this style, just let me know. Also taking ice from the road is “griefing” if you need ice, go to the Ice farm on the East road. If you accidentally break the ice, fix it. Also breaking through the railing for nether access is not needed, there are plenty of ways to access the nether that does not involve breaking the road. but if you must for some unknown reason at least replace the railings.

Happy to help in anyway to keep the highway looking nice.


Thanks for volunteering to handle that! It will be nice to maintain the standard format of the highway :smiley:


I will attempt to help too.

The Red Line has a few issues needing to be adressed.


Once I finish tomorrow, I will have a few hours to spare. I’d be more than willing to patch things. I’ve got tons of ice and stone than I know what to do with. I also need to redo the entrance to my area as well :laughing:


Bumping this until I can come up with something else.