Nether Highway Expansion


Okay folks, with the World Border being expanded, it’s time to expand the Nether Highway so that we may gain faster access to the untouched lands. There are also quite a few builds that are beyond the highway. I am just surveying how much help I will get with me posting this, but this is something that should be done. So who would like to help me with the Nether Highway Expansion?


Sure, I’m in :slight_smile:


Well so far it’s just me and you, so unless we get more people then this is a no go. I’m also starting a full time job from 8am to 5pm so I will be gone until later in the evening. I don’t want it to just be me and you. That would take way too long!


I’d been talking with Ruger and Blueazer, and they’ve been wanting to expand the Pink/Magenta Highway to their island. If we were to do that, it would be rather close to Tigakor’s and Canti’s homes, as well as my project island.

I need to talk to Canti and Tigakor before we settle on a route, so if they want their portals a little farther away from the main road (say 50-100+ blocks away from the main highway, thoughts on Privacy) or if they want it On the highway, we can accommodate them.

Ruger was telling me (might not still be the case) that if he had the supplies, he’d be willing to build it. The Stone is somewhat available, but Ice less so.


Here’s what I have in mind for the Orange Highway extension:

It starts with the last official stop right now, Emerald Hills,

then goes to Encylosaurus’ village “Encyclas” (it is actually linked to the highway with a very long and complicated special exit)

up next is shed_shed’s base, who is OK with it

now we don’t have bases anymore, so an Extreme Hills portal

SouthEast jungle portal

A bay/extreme hills/plains

Final portal with the SouthEast Village close to the southeast cold mega-biome


This looks great! We’re gonna need donations for supplies. The Ice Farm only has so much ice, and we will burn through the double chest fairly quickly once we start.


Hey y’all!
As per DClem’s request, I’ve been mapping and ‘riding the rails’ of the nether highway in order to find out the locations of all the settlements out past the Pink Highway (SW Highway). As you can see by my map, I’ve only been able to find a couple of main settlements (with coords) and a dashed line showing the temporary highway.

Oddly something called the ‘Shamballa Nether Rail’ bisects the line to Poopachussets and may have caused the confusion that Isengard was on the Red Highway.



Big thanks to Snipeck and Jukeb0x for the help !

The extension is longer than the preexisting Orange highway.

I’ve took the liberty to name the uninhabited stops to make it more appealing, so the line is now expanded with:
-Encyclas, Encyclosaurus’ village
-Shed_shed’s base
-Arcane’s Dorsal (Extreme Hills)
-Jungle Japes (Jungle)
-Ultimate Bay (Ocean/Extreme Hills/Plains)
-Ravine Village (Village in plains surrounded by cold biomes)

The last stop is 400 blocks from the eastern border and 900 blocks from the southern border, so its pretty damn close to the Southeast corner of Arcane.

I’ve timed myself sprint jumping from spawn to the Ravine village, and it took me 2 minute and 31 seconds, travelling the equivalent of 13 400 blocks (13,4 km or 8.3 miles) in the overworld !


Yea that ours. heh.

How can we integrate it?


there is nothing but unspoiled wilderness and small biomes pretty much the entire area where the red highway reaches, so im making it a straight line, end at the ice biome at world border. ill add a few portals along the way at key biomes.


Could my base in that southern cold biome be the last stop ? I’m pretty much directly south from spawn and a couple hundred meters away from the border. Plus, I have a Nautilus.


I’m thinking of extending the NW highway towards my base and onward, unless someone has an objection to that? It looks like a tunnel was already carved out to the coords where my exit would be, so i cleaned it up and extended it a bit past.


The Green is the Nether Rail. Blue dots are portals.


Hello guys !

I’ve come up with a map of all the highways extensions I think we should do.

Here’s how to read it:
Full lines are the official highways
Dashed(doted?) lines are the special exits I think we should turn into official branches of the highways
Big squares are official highway termini
Small squares are interesting special exit termini that I think we should use
Big circles are proposed highway stops
Small circles are proposed highway stops on extensions of special exits we should turn into official branches

Each proposed stop corresponds to, either:
A player base, a village, a temple or an interresting spot in the wilderness.

Here’s the link to the map:

Now the details:

[color=#FF8000]The Orange Highway is already built.[/color]

[color=#FF0000]The Red Highway stops at Morios’ village.[/color]
It then goes to a desert village
then a regular village
and finished in a Strait.

We also use the highway going to the HYDRA Base
It continues south to a Village
Then at the end of the South Overworld Road
Then at to the Arcantarctica Base, that harbors the Nautilus, almost directly south from spawn

[color=#FF40FF]The Pink Highway stops at Far Far Dunes[/color]
It goes to Tigakor’s base south-west
Then Canti’s Isengard
Then to a player base south-south-east
Then a Mega Taiga / Jungle border
And finishes at the southern tip of a Tundra, very near the corner of the map

[color=#BF00FF]The Purple Highway stops at the Mooshroom Biome[/color]
It goes west to a cool player base
Then turns north to another player base
It then goes northwest to a village on a small plain next to an ocean
And finishes off in a swamp near the border

We also use the end stop at the Sun Archipelago
West to a player base in the Tundra
Southwest to a player base near the border
South to Rugermarksman’s base

[color=#0000FF]The Blue Highway stops at IS1
The way to DigitalLion’s village is already built
It then goes Northwest to a village between a plains and a desert
West to an island made of Extreme-Hills
West even more to the corner of the map, in a swamp

We also use the end stop at the Mesa Bryce Tour (just south of the Mesa)
The highway goes northwest to a village in a savanna
Then southwest to a big village between savanna and desert

[color=#00BFFF]The Light Blue Highway stops at FH1[/color]
North to a cool looking player base on an island
Then northeast to a jungle temple
Then northeast to a desert village that the World Border cuts in half

We also use the stop at SandStar, the Sand and Stone quarry
From there, north-northeast to a Roofed Forest
Then same direction to an unused Ice Spike Biome
Then West-North-West to a player base in another Ice Spike Biome

[color=#00FF00]The Green Highway stops at FH1, north of Aerendir Silvaras and East of Shadowvale[/color]
Northeast to a desert temple (actually a bit further than my dot on the map)
Then East to a bay with a Roofed Forest, a Swamp, a Forest and an Extreme Hills
Then North to a Mega Taiga lake
Then Northeast to a Jungle Temple

We also use the stop at the Guardian Farm
East to a player base on an island
NorthEast to an Extreme Hills next to the Border

[color=#FFBF40]The Yellow Highway stops at the Dwarven Mordor (furthest stops named like that)[/color]
It goes Southeast to a very cool looking player village
Then a bit Southwest to another player base in the Tundra
Then Southeast to a Strait Jungle/Normal Taiga


I hope you guys like this plan ! I tried to link as many interesting stuff, as well as making the highways spread equally around Arcane. The map can make it really easy to find the coords of each spots, then just divide X and Z by 8 and you have the nether coords :slight_smile:


perfect. nice to have a visual aid!

10/10 dclem


Looks like a plan DC!
Nice to have a visual aide too, although what are the dotted lines for?


The dotted lines are the special exits that I think should become official parts of the highway :slight_smile:


DClem’s got it.

I think we should make this a community event like we did when we built the existing nether highways, instead of random individual people building random branches themselves.

This way it will be much more organized and streamlined and will be much quicker and easier work.

This will also give newer players and old players a chance to hang out and work together and be a part of a community project, since there aren’t many community projects anymore after all the farms got built.

I think we should make a separate thread for organizing and planning this event.


[quote=“Canti128”]Hey y’all!
As you can see by my map, I’ve only been able to find a couple of main settlements (with coords) and a dashed line showing the temporary highway.


Off to the left near Tigakor’s place, you’ll note an “RM”. That’s Ruger’s place, and he has a path that leads to my Island’s portal. Been meaning to build the Iceroad to there as well, and would probably want to make it a Spur off of your road. I think I’ll start working on the layout of that when I get my Internet back, which won’t be until next week.

Bby’s right, however. We should probably do this all as a community event. Many hands make light work, though some of the layout can happen beforehand.


Dragon, you should tell me what you think of this layout: (the image is too big for the forum)

(see previous page for more info)