Nether Highway Expansion - Time to work, guys!


This thread is here to coordinate and keep track of the Nether Highway Expansion !

Here’s the map of the project:
(It’s huge, I can’t post the picture directly here)

Here’s how to read it:
Full lines are the official highways.
Dashed(doted?) lines are the special exits that become official branches of the highways.
Big squares are official highway termini.
Small squares are special exit termini that become official stops.
Big circles are new highway stops.
Small circles are new highway stops on extensions of special exits becoming official branches.


[color=#FF8000]The Orange Highway is already built.[/color]
No more work is needed on the Orange Highway !

[color=#FF0000]The Red Highway’s secondary branch is built.[/color]
The Main Branch is not built yet !

[color=#0000FF]The Blue Highway has its main line built.[/color]
The secondary line is not built yet !


All coordinates are overworld coordinates.

[color=#FF0000]The Red Highway stops at Morios’ village.[/color]
It then goes to a desert village Coordinates: x : -3500 / z : 6125
then a regular village Coordinates: x : -3600 / z : 8394
and finished in a Strait. Coordinates: x : -5000 / z : 9200

[color=#FF40FF]The Pink Highway stops at Far Far Dunes[/color]
It goes to Tigakor’s base south-west Coordinates: x : -6919 / z : 2700
Then Canti’s Isengard Coordinates: x : -6374 / z : 3775
Then Poopachussets, a community base Coordinates: x : -6612 / z : 5249
Then a Mega Taiga / Jungle border Coordinates: x : -8780 / z : 6757
And finishes at the southern tip of a Tundra, very near the corner of the map Coordinates: x : -9200 / z : 9173

[color=#BF00FF]The Purple Highway stops at the Mooshroom Biome[/color]
It goes west to a cool player base Coordinates: x : -5922 / z : -1534
Then turns north, with a portal just north of Lrd_Herobrine’s skybase Coordinates: x : -5643 / z : -3366
It then goes northwest to a village on a small plain next to an ocean Coordinates: x : -7435 / z : -4900
And finishes off in a swamp near the border Coordinates: x : -9250 / z : -4900

We also use the end stop at the Sun Archipelago
West to a player base in the Tundra Coordinates: x : -7000 / z : -100
Southwest to a player base near the border Coordinates: x : -8875 / z : 1657
South to Rugermarksman’s base Coordinates: x : -8990 / z : 2946

[color=#0000FF]The Blue Highway main line is completed already

We also use the end stop at the Mesa Bryce Tour (just south of the Mesa)[/color]
The highway goes northwest to a village in a savanna Coordinates: x : -5085 / z : -7100
Then southwest to a big village between savanna and desert Coordinates: x : -7077 / z : -6139

[color=#00BFFF]The Light Blue Highway stops at FH1[/color]
North to a cool looking player base on an island Coordinates: x : 3323 / z : -5335
Then northeast to a jungle temple Coordinates: x : 4988 / z : -7354
Then northeast to a desert village that the World Border cuts in half Coordinates: x : 6950 / z : -9933

We also use the stop at SandStar, the Sand and Stone quarry
From there, north-northeast to a Roofed Forest Coordinates: x : 1520 / z : -6285
Then same direction to an unused Ice Spike Biome Coordinates: x : 2713 / z : -9066
Then West-North-West to a player base in another Ice Spike Biome Coordinates: x : 266 / z : -9700

[color=#00FF00]The Green Highway stops at FH1, north of Aerendir Silvaras and East of Shadowvale[/color]
Northeast to a desert temple (actually a bit further than my dot on the map) Coordinates: x : 7530 / z : -4742
Then East to a bay with a Roofed Forest, a Swamp, a Forest and an Extreme Hills Coordinates: x : 9315 / z : -4650
Then North to a Mega Taiga lake Coordinates: x : 9315 / z : -8000
Then Northeast to a Jungle Temple Coordinates: x : 10 060 / z : -9450

We also use the stop at the Guardian Farm
East to a player base on an island Coordinates: x : 7723 / z : -1074
NorthEast to an Extreme Hills next to the Border Coordinates: x : 10 200 / z : -2564

[color=#FFBF40]The Yellow Highway stops at the Dwarven Mordor (furthest stops named like that)[/color]
It goes Southeast to Drekkel’s Port Lanson Coordinates: x : 8213 / z : 2580 (check for pre-existing portal)
Then a bit Southwest to east of another player base in the Tundra Coordinates: x : 7540 / z : 3744
Then Southeast to a Strait Jungle/Normal Taiga Coordinates: x : 9965 / z : 6110

How to build the highways:

The Highways MUST have:
A floor made of ice. We have a giant Ice Farm in the east of Spawn, thanks to SimonOrJ !
A ceiling made of stone slabs.
Walls made of stone bricks and continuous netherbrick fences.
(Exceptions: The Guardian Farm has its own style. Please resume the normal style after its stop.)

The Highways must keep their same “y” level at all times.
They must be wide, it’s best to make them too wide than not wide enough.
They must curve smoothly, not turn at sharp angles.

The portals for Official Exits must be placed at y=98, ideally below the highway.
Stairs should lead from the side of the highway to the portal.
A sign should indicate what exit it is and which way the highway continues (“Everything else ===>”).
Banners on either side of the main line should indicate where the main highway continues, after each exit.
If the stop is at a player base, the sign must indicate the player’s name, or the name he has chosen for the area.
If the stop is unnamed, the builder may choose a name freely, provided its not dumb or offensive.

Resources for the highways can be given to you by mods, or by DClem, who is de facto in charge, it seems.
Resources are stored and can be donated at the “ShitShack”, the Highway builders Headquarters, located on the Red Highway.
If there is not enough resources to continue building, getting those resources becomes a priority !

If you built, planned, scouted, donated resources or really did anything to help, your name will be added to the “Highway Expansion Builder Memorial Wall” at the Shitshack, provided you told DClem about what you did !

If you want to help, please, inform the mods, or DClem, about it !


yay stop at my skybase

There is an overworld portal north of it already, but it is currently linked up to my own portal at dark blue highway.


Is your skybase the one at x : -5643 / z : -3366 ?




The Secondary Line of the Red Highway has been built !

Also, a bit of a new banner marking :
Banners with a white stripe mean you’re on the “Secondary Line” ! :smiley:


I didn’t know this was going on, I built an exit on the light blue highway that leads to between those 3 small islands (2956, 65, -9707) near the northern border. Its connects perfectly straight so I only made it 2 blocks wide. It doesn’t matter to me if it’s used or not.


If its not on the plan, it can still be a special exit :slight_smile: