Need help from a admin/mod


About a month ago I logged in to find that my chicken jockey (in the zoo) had somehow killed/despawned his chicken.

Fast forward three weeks and I catch and tag another one of the little jerks and both the zombie and chicken completely vanished within 10 minutes. 3 more jockeys later I had one in the exhibit. He was tagged and doing fine. I checked on him repeatedly and he was always there with his chicken, just chilling. Well I logged in a few minutes ago and was doing some stuff and decided to check the zoo and sure enough, both chicken and jockey were gone without a trace. His cage is suicide proof as far as I can tell, but if anyone could tell me what is happening to them I would be grateful.



Hey Dorndar,

If you’re sure the chicken jockey was in the cell last time you found it, I’m afraid that it despawned. There was no trace of killing, suffocating, or release within the cell range. You and Ignitius were the only ones near the area within last 1200 hours.

Sorry for your loss.


Yep, that’s what I found too.


This is super frustrating because I know the zombie is tagged, and even if the zombie was tagged the chicken shouldn’t despawn. I managed to snag another one tonight and I tried to tag both the chicken and the zombie but no idea if it was successful.


This time I went to check on him and all that was left was some zombie flesh so he definitely didn’t despawn. I guess I am gonna have to give up on caging one.


Found some stuff on the wiki-

The chicken despawns like a hostile mob, and if the chicken moves too close to a wall two blocks high, the zombie will take suffocation damage unless the upper block is transparent.

So make sure both are named, and make sure there is no way for suffocation to happen.


Cage is all glass and steel fence, so no suffocation I can find. I have tried to tag both repeatedly and the last time they stayed for 2 days, then I log in, no chicken and 2 chunks of zombie flesh in the cage.


So there are no solid blocks it could come in contact with? not even the 3 high roof?


He died again, cage is suffocation proof, all that was left was some zombie flesh. No sign of any chicken parts.

Since he died maybe someone can tell me how it happened?


A moderator should be able to do that :slight_smile:


There is no info apparently. They just die for no reason. It’s very frustrating.


How can there be no info? I thought every mob death was logged with the cause of death?


I dunno, but Simon checked for me yesterday and there was no info. I would like to know myself because it is incredibly frustrating. I had other plans and the zoo should have been done 2 months ago. A name tagged mob just mysteriously dies (no place for him to suffocate) I mean if the spider jockey can survive in the same type of cage the CJ should be able to also.

If someone is messing with me they are doing a damn good job at it.


Damned, that’s frustrating.