Mytos false banned me for xraying

  • My in-game name: Sb3
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What caused your ban on Arcane Survival?

I was false banned for xraying by Mytos232. I was banned not that long ago for xraying which i was definitely doing, but today i was in discord with calcular and went on a mining spree for over an hour and only went in a straight line the entire time until i hit a ravine. I found 13 diamonds in total and stopped mining after that. Mytos banned me about an hour later and when i told him all of this he refused to acknowledge this and banned me from the discord and told me "
im not going to debate it with you dude, you were xraying, you were caught, take the temp ban and learn a lesson" even though i was obviously not xraying. I understand why Mytos would be a little trigger happy to ban me a second time, but this is very upsetting to me and i would like him to go back and check the time of when the tunnels he said i mined were mined and confirm that i was not cheating.

What will you do to prevent the ban next time?

I would like to be able to communicate with Simon easier and not be banned for something i did not do.
Thank you.


I went through and looked at the places you mined, and it appears we were in the wrong and you were falsely banned.

Our sincerest apologies, you are now unbanned.


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