Newly appointed Chat Moderator, Musical_Clyde has done a number of injustices against me. I’ll list his accusations and punishments followed by my refutations and reasons against this below.

  1. I made a pulsar at spawn connected to a dispenser filled with snowballs. When you stand on a pressure plate, the dispenser fires snowballs at you. A harmless prank, literally; Snowballs do no damage to players, regardless of armour. I tested this later to verify. Upon seeing this, Clyde told me he did take damage from the snowballs, that this was a bannable offense, threatened to “Warn” me, and spammed chat with his demands and complaints. Later, I found out the only issue with this was the lack a transparent block under spawn. The next day, I built it again, remembering to keep a transparent block under spawn. Clyde issued me an unjustified Warning point and stole those items.

  2. About 10 minutes later when I was talking about other things with other people, Clyde muted me in the middle of nowhere and gave no reason.

  3. Around 10 minutes after that - when I was working on Simon and I’s project to the left of spawn - I was issued another Warning point for griefing. I tried to explain to him that what I was doing was building and not griefing, but he wouldn’t hear it.

Throughout this, I provided him clear links to various Wiki pages and the official Arcane server rules. He could not specify which rule from the Rules page I had broken, and resorted to the staff discretion part at the bottom. For any of you who do not already know, this is basically justification for abusive behavior.

I understand I have screwed up in the past, and I said goodbye to any chance of having a rank on the server because of it. Clyde has screwed up and I think it’s time for him to say goodbye to any chance of him having a rank. Clyde has displayed that he is too inept to handle his powers.

If these warning points will affect anything done to me, or prevent me from doing anything in the future, I want them gone. Also, I don’t want my previous infraction regarding texture packs ever mentioned in-game. It is something I regret, and I hate being judged because of it. I am not a hacker. Do not accuse me of hacking.

I had a hard time finding where to stick this post, feel free to move it around if you want.


We’ve spoken to Clyde and he assures us he won’t make the same mistakes again. Sorry that you had to deal with this.


Just got done with a shower, reread what I posted here. I definitely overreacted.
I don’t wish that Clyde be demoted. Sorry for ranting at everyone.

However, I am serious about my earlier infraction with the X-Ray stuff. That doesn’t define me.
I thank everyone who hasn’t treated me differently because of it.


I also would like to point out that I too, overreacted and would wish to apologise to you Dr., I truly do wish that you would forgive now that I have had time think about what I have done.




These will not affect you. These are just for the records in case some investigation happens regarding the rule-breaking. There’ll be nothing taken away from you due to the warnings. You don’t have to worry about it.