Mumble Password


im proposing a password on the mumble server, weve had alot of squatters and trolls on the mumble lately

some are harmless just playing a different game in a different channel
some just get on and screech or spam the chat channel.


Honestly, I’d rather have the Mumble being used, than not being used since the mumble server costs money (right?). That being said, I also don’t have issues with squatters that are respectful and mind their own business and don’t cause issues. It just so happens that 100% of the squatters I’ve heard on Mumble are all assholes.

I see no problem with this, but very few Arcane members use Mumble. There are more than enough channels to go around.

I say yes to the password since it is pretty much the most fair option.


Honestly up until a month ago, the people I’ve encountered (that weren’t outright Arcane peeps) that were using the Mumble for other games were quite amiable.

And then we had some … troubles. I agree, a password might be the best solution. But the only thing with it is that we should not just post it here on the forums. These forums, barring the Suppah-Secret Staff Forum, are open to webcrawlers (google, etc) so it would be quite easy for people to skim the password if someone posted it here.

Having it posted on the server in the command has some problems with it as well, since just anyone can use it.

I would propose that we leave one room Open for use by anyone, but the remainder rooms be given a password. I further propose that the </mumble command be only usable by those that are in the Trusted group (ie people that are Greylisted), and that the password be stated with that command.
Along with that, I feel that it would be appropriate to say that anyone mis-using the passworded sections of the Mumble could face repercussions on the server for asshattery.

We the Staff will be looking into this, and other possible solutions, over the next few days.


if the squatters were quiet and respectful i couldnt care less. when i forget im on mumble and i hear random screeching in my ears (i wear headseat) it makes me wanna drown puppies


A new channel has been added under “Main Channels” named “Arcane Private Channel”. You will require a password in order to join the channel. You can add the password from Server > Access Tokens ([Alt] -> [e] -> [a]), and then add “privatedong” as the token name. Press OK, then try entering the private channel.