More Mods or Greylist


“We have 7 mods”

And I’m going as far to say, I clock more hours on the server each week than all of them combined.
(except Morios who is doing a great job at being on consistently)

My point is, we need consistent mods.
A mod who is rarely on the server is not doing a very good job being a mod.
We expect our mods to protect our community, Ive seen a number of mods who use to be on all the time start to come on the server less and less.

This attitude of: “you can just mod whenever you feel like getting on” needs to stop.
We need something constant, or more mods need to be hired that can be on consistently.

Morios has been a great addition to the staff, a prime example of a mod this community needs.


I agree with Bass there should be more mods then just 7 and mods that are on all of the time. I understand that most of the people on the server have jobs and have lives. So a mod on all the time wont necessarly happen. But I do think there should be more.


I really appreciate the work every mod does, the reason i made this thread was because of problem of griefing we’ve been having and my reasoning is such:

We are a public server that does not use a greylist or grief-protection, so I think a good idea to have mods who are more frequently to protect the server.


And we need mods that are not in the US timezone! All the mods and admins basically live and come online at the same time… We have huge chunks of time where we have no mods at all, and no hopes of seeing any…

And by the way, having a greylist would help a lot, in my opinion, with the griefers, who would not be bothered to go through a registration and acceptation on the forum.


Jugglingman has been making a lot of progress with plots, and we’re also planning to name another mod somewhat soon.


Thanks Agent. Looking forward to both of those things!
I feel like the server really benefits from always having at least one mod or staff member on.