[Moderator] Ytorgonak


Age: 19

Why you want to be a moderator: Since I joined Arcane in July 2014 I’ve always tried to be as much of a part of the community as much as I can. I want to push my integration further and I want to be able to directly help others and new players not simply re-direct them to the appropriate person.

Relevant experience: While i’ve never been a mod on any internet games, I’m a assistant-manager at my IRL workplace and i’m at school in human science administration profil (Human science administration courses). I believe both could be considered relevant experience in managing and solving problems that could emerge.

Location/Timezone : EST UTC−5:00, but usually play at night or on random hours where there’s less mods/ admins activity.

Skype name: I mainly use Mumble (ytorg) but, if needed, could provide my Skype contact info.

Anything you would like to add: I know all the command available to me at the moment and could get use to the new ones (mod’s ones) fairly quickly!