(Moderator Or Chat Moderator) Babybread


Age: 17

Why you want to be a moderator: I want to be a moderator because I love this server, and want to do my part to help it succeed. I’ve been a player on this server since September of 2014 and I have been fortunate enough to see this wonderful community grow to where it is today. I want to be a Moderator so that I can help monitor the server, when other mods aren’t always online i.e (6:00-10:00am and 2:00-4:00am) these times slots often are without a mod, or admin. I consider myself an “Early riser” so I’m most active in the mornings. In addition to the early morning, I am also available to moderate in the afternoon, and in the evening, because I have a very flexible class schedule.

Relevant experience: I was a moderator: (The Monarch)- 1yrs, (Trophy Craft)- 1.5yrs, I did these before becoming the community manager for (The Monarch) and then later stepping down my moderating position on (Trophy Craft) to focus on being community manager on (The Monarch)-2.5yrs.

Location/Timezone: California, PST

Skype name: Hunter Dobson SkypeEmail: Dobson.hunter@yahoo.com Email: Dobson.hunter@yahoo.com

Anything you would like to add: I love this server, and I appreciate all the hard work everyone does to make it great, my only goal is to help make it better.