[Moderator] DClem


Age: 22

Why you want to be a moderator:
I’m on the server very often and I’m going to be on almost all the time during the summer, up until the end of September. After that, I’ll keep on playing and being active of course. We are now going in a season with a lot of new players, a lot of people to keep an eye on. I see that the active mods are solicited more and more, and we have moments without any mods or admins on…
And especially, mods like Khuz, Alj and Rhalyon seem less active, resulting in very few mods for the European timezone.
I think I can help with that, be as active and use my seemingly infinite time of not-sleeping to help Arcane’s community stay safe, as well as great and greylist new players.

Relevant experience:

As a MC mod: I have been a mod on Arcane for a few weeks and still remembers most of the commands (and frequently give mods a hand with them, like when I told Melium that mobs don’t appear in previews recently).

As a moderator and administrator: I’ve been a moderator and an admin on a RP forum for 2 years. The forum was centered around Role Play based in an edited version of the “Naruto” universe. Fun stuff ! I learned to manage a community, newcomers, advertising as well as how to basically operate a forum like this one.

Other experience: In real life, I’ve been president of a small student association called “Russinalco” at my college and organized events, meetings where we invited Russian officials (the Russian ambassador in Paris) as well as experts on Russia current political and economical situation, and different activities (a theater group, a chess club, a soviet movie club, etc…). It’s been very hard work those past two years, but my term of office is coming to an end soon, meaning I’ll have even more time for other stuff. I basically learn to manage a team and make stuff happen despite the administration of my college being lazy and frequently unwelcoming. The hardest part, though, is always manage people, and especially, as a president, managing everyone’s ego so that they work together. I have never had any problem with that in my association, whereas other similar associations in my college (we have one for every language, so about 10 of them) went through a lot of fights. Point is, we’re here because we want to do something, and we can do it better together. In that case, it was giving access to Russian culture to the students as widely and easily as possible, but it’s entirely applicable to Arcane’s Staff Team.

France GMT+1

Skype name:

Anything you would like to add:
I’ve been on Arcane for 11 months now. I can safely say that I am one of the most active and oldest players of Arcane. I have seen it grow, but also survive the end of the summer, develop, organize itself through events such as what we did during Christmas and New Year’s Eve. I really like this place, and that’s why most of my time playing is spent trying to improve it, with such projects as the Harbor, the Spawn Beacon Grid, the Cleanups and all the events. I always try to make Arcane the most enjoyable and nice place to be, welcoming everyone, asking them if they have questions, giving my resources to those in need.
I think as a mod I could do so much more to help Arcane, especially when we’re facing a period where we need all the help that we need from mods.

Now, I know that there have been hard times before between me and the staff. I think we’re all adults, and we all want what’s best for Arcane. I think we’ve proved that through the constructive debates we had and are having on this forum, as well as solution we have come up with in the past. As a mod, I would like to help Arcane, not enter into any kind of pointless fights. We’re all here to have fun, that’s the most important thing to me !


Such approve

Very enjoy

Much 10/10




Personally, I support it. Not that I have much pull in the matter.