[Moderator/Chat Moderator] Musical_Clyde


Age: I am 18 years of age.

Why you want to be a moderator: I would like to be a Moderator[ Aforementioned “Mod”] (Chat or Server) because I love to help enforce and represent servers that I participate in. I also want to be a Mod because i believe that servers should be able to have Mods on at all times of the Day/Night and Although I have not be on the server for more than four months, I am constantly online unless I have computer problems.

Relevant experience: I have experience Moderating three servers of 26 players each, on a Massively Multiplayer Online, First Person Shooter game called Americas Army: Proving Grounds

Location/Timezone:Idaho, United States Mountain Standard Time

Skype name: My Skype Name is: musical_clyde

Anything you would like to add: I am now able to be online at almost any time of the day due to the fact that I am now out of school. I can also get along with a variety of people.


Accepted for chat mod! Congrats!


Thank You!