Minecraft Block to Represent the Server


I was just sitting on my chair when a thought went across:

Which Minecraft block or blocks is most fit to represent the server?

I think spruce log and stone bricks. I can’t think of one specific block myself.


I would say a beacon block: Unique, precious and yet powerful when supported ? :slight_smile:


Beacon kinda feels overpowered :stuck_out_tongue:
Diamond… is too common.
how about dead bush? It’s unreproducable and unique


Maybe an emerald block? Emeralds are rare. Maybe even emerald ore?


Since the server is called Arcane, why not an enchantment table?


I like the enchantment table. Late-game block with diamonds, and with the help of bookshelves it can basically make you OP. Plus it’s a fairly complicated item to use, it takes some maturity, and the open book is a sign of knowledge. I see a strong symbolism for the players making Arcane, in a way, an “OP” place to be !


I do like the enchantment table as well. Kudos to greasy_bandit :smiley: