June 2018 Updates: Minecraft 1.13!



Hello everyone!

There’s been a lot of talks about doing server reset while upgrading to Minecraft 1.13. The polls on the Discord and on this forum confirms that we will be starting fresh for Minecraft 1.13.

We’ve been doing a lot of research and meeting regarding fresh start on the new map, and I can assure you that the spawn area on the new map will be much, much better than the spawn in the old map: It’ll be around a green biome!

With the new map coming, we’ve used the results from the reflection poll (We’re still accepting the reflection responses; thank you for the responses!) to guide the admin team through the meeting. I would like to keep everyone updated on what the future holds for the server.

No more Dynamic Map

Unfortunately, Dynmap plugin has been aging slowly out of maintenance, and if Dynmap will be able to run on Minecraft 1.13 server is questionable. The aged plugin configuration and management makes it hard to keep this plugin running well. Also, the plugin currently takes up more than half of the entire Minecraft server resources to run well.

Currently, there is no plans to use Dynmap on the server again unless people absolutely need it and when it gets a complete rewrite update.

I’d like to remind everyone that minimap mod is still allowed.

Spawn Area & Planning

We’ve all realized that the spawn area in the current world is not looking great. While part of it attributes to the spawn area being a dry biome, I believe the fault lies on bad planning and too much restrictions regarding building in the spawn area.

The general consensus is that there will be much less restrictions and no planning to promote more natural expansion of the spawn area.

In addition, to bring everyone closer and to promote spawn area growth, we will set the world border at a much smaller radius and will expand outwards over time. How big the initial border will be and how long to wait until border expansion is still up for debate.

Shop Protection

Vanilla way of shop setup and trading is very risky, and sometimes the items were left unpaid for and looted from the shops. Sometimes, the purchaser forgets to pay the shop and shoplifts on accident. It’s not a good feeling to have your shop lifted and lose profit on your hard-earned items.

To prevent this problem, we will add a plugin to configure shops for item trading. Those who want to protect shops will be able to set up a purchase sign near their chest. If you still want to take a risk and do traditional trading, that’s fine as well.

Chest Protection

All containers will be unlocked on default. If you want to lock a container, you must use /cprotect or similar to protect your container. This is a minor change, but you will have to remember to lock your container if there’s any valuables inside.

EDIT: There will be a way to temporary disable automatic protection to the chests.

Creative Planning World

Oh yes, we will be getting a creative server!

We’ve observed that people have to switch to singleplayer world to plan a build, but when they want to plan a build with someone else… they couldn’t do it (unless they went to a different server). Therefore, Arcane is proud to make a creative world available for everyone!

Arcane Survival will stay focused on the survival aspect of the game. The creative world will simply allow players to plan builds together, so anything built in the creative world will be subject to cleanup. More information on the creative world will be posted in the future!


There’s more planned for the next update than all that’s listed in here! We will publish a list of approved client mods that does not breach the server rules, donors will have an option to code their own username plugin, we will have an event on a separate server where we can ignite the world on fire, and more!

Well, that is exciting and all, but when??

Firstly, we need to wait for the stable version of Minecraft 1.13 to be released. After that, we need to wait for the core plugins to be updated to work with Minecraft 1.13. (Our programmers are still busy rewriting Arcane plugins for the next release!) After those are out of the way, we will be able to set a server launch date!

The previous world will be available for download on the server launch date.

As usual, feel free to look around, and ask us anything if you have any questions!

~Simon and the Staff Team

Minecraft 1.13, Plugin upgrade & Server downtime


I’d like to remind everyone that the plans discussed in this post are subject to discussion and/or change. Feel free to message me or the staff team if you have any concerns.