January 2018 Updates


Hello all!

I hope you all had a wonderful Holidays! :smiley:

I finally had time to look through the server issues and things to improve on over last night.

  • Dynmap chat is finally fixed! It took a while to uncover the root cause of this problem, but I’ve found it. Details in the forum post.
  • Server now supports all clients from 1.9 to 1.12.2! You can use any of the clients in between to connect to Arcane now!
  • Everyone will be notified when a player has been greylisted!
  • The /seen commands will now output relative time difference for players last logged on (or first joined) within last week.

There’s more changes planned to come in the near future, so stay tuned!

Dynmap Chat Issue Solved

The chat stopped working properly since we changed the server permissions plugin from no-longer maintained PermissionsEx to the active LuckPerms. However, LuckPerms doesn’t keep user permissions in memory once the user logs out of the server, so that creates inability for the server to check a player’s permission node once they log out. This makes dynmap.webchat permission checking impossible for offline users, thus denying the chat permission for all.

The solution for this was to remove the permission node checking for people trying to use the webchat.

Client Support From 1.9 to 1.12.2

Now anyone can log onto the server from Minecraft 1.9 clients all the way to 1.12.2 clients! This comes in useful for everyone, such as switching from server with no 1.12.2 support to this server. However, we can’t go below 1.8 due to the lack of latest combat mechanics and Elytra wing support.

Greylist Announcement

Now, when a player gets greylisted, there will be an announcement about it in yellow text! So be sure to congratulate them on greylisting when they’re online once you see the message! :smiley:

Seen Commands

Relative time is easier to grasp on for players who were recently online. That’s why we’ve decided to go with relative time instead of fixed time for players who last logged on up to seven days ago.


Well then…

It seems I’ve been made an example. I’ve been gone far too long.
I’ll see y’all ingame soon