IRC Channel and (eventually) Server-to-Chat Implementation


I know there are a number of times I’ve wanted to chat with the people that are currently online, but am unable to login for whatever reason (At the school library, not anywhere near my computer, etc). I was wondering if it would be possible to get an IRC channel for the server? Probably could something on #Espernet or #Freenode pretty easily…

An extension of that… When the Bukkit/Granite/Sponge/Whatever thing gets settled for 1.8, could we look into a plugin to link the server and the IRC channel? It’s something I had running on another server, and was really nice. We could talk between the two.

I believe this is the one we were running, but I don’t know what exactly we’ll be running once we’re on 1.8, so I wasn’t able to look for that yet.


There’s an App called “MineChat” that lets you do that. Basically, it logs you in Minecraft, and you can talk ! It can even send a /spawn command.