[Invalid][MODERATOR] JustLucasius

  • Age: I’m currently 15 years old.
  • Discord user tag: Lucasius // PGNL Mede-Eigenaar#8736
  • Location/Timezone: Belgium --> Limburg. --> Neerpelt, +1 (summer +2)

##Why do you want to be a moderator of Arcane Survival?

I love the server, but I think it could use more staff members to help the players even faster. My goal is to make the server a child-friendly and cheater-free place, and give players the best playing experience there is, I have a lot of spare time because I plan my schoolwork, if I don’t have much to do on one day, I do work for another day, so I can join the server on a frequent base. I’m stable, I have no problems at school or at home, so you shouldn’t expect any weird behavior or any inactivity, so you can tell I’m really motivated, I hope you chose the right person for this important task.
##Do you have any relevant experience(s)? If so, list here.

I do have experience with moderating, helping people, and with some commands.

PGNLServer. --> Co-Owner. (Play.PGNLSERVER.NL)

FruskyGames. --> Helper. (Play.Fruskygames.NL)
PROOF: FruskyGames.

##Anything you would like to add:


you’re posting on the wrong forum, you’re looking for ArcaneHCF for factions.

although i have to say this is one of the best staff applications I have ever seen…


Oops, will rewrite it in the right one, and thank you so much.


I rewrote it in the Google Doc, thanks for your help and for your kind words.


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