[Invalid] Arcane Staff Application (Belogicless) // Moderator


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  • Age: 12
  • Discord user tag: Belogicless
  • Location/Timezone: Australia // NSW
  • IGN (In Game Name): Belogicless (Alts: Thinx // iiThinx // defencemonkey329)
  • Skype Name: iithinx // defencemonkey329 // Belogicless

##Why you want to be a moderator?
After playing for a while on the arcane network, i can see that this server can grow and be a well growing, populated server. Arcane is a really fun, easy-to-play, Hardcore Faction Server. And if i was to be moderator, I could be a really helpful, supportful, role model for Arcane MC.

##Relevant experience:
I Have good experience with detecting hackers, that would help legit pvpers have a better play in Arcane. I have been Head Admin For 5 Servers, making the server grow to 100 members, I’m really good at making servers grow and populate, knowing a lot of small/Big You tubers, ranging from 100- 2300 subscribers, I’m Also very active in game and forums, checking forums every single day on the servers i play on and responding to those in need/help of situations they may not be able to solve.

##Anything you would like to add:
I Know my age is very young. But my grammar and activeness (if that is a word) is a substantial amount, and i’m ready for any casualties that encounter. I Have Skype and Discord, seen above said Application, and i’m always active on both programs. Thank you for your time to read this application, have a great day, and stay awesome! :slight_smile:


Well, I have good news and bad news, Belogicless.

The good news is that your application reads pretty well, and if it was up to me I would definitely consider approving you.

The bad news is that you’re on the wrong forums. This is Arcane Survival, a nearly-vanilla server. Despite the similarity of the names, we’re not related to Arcane HCF at all.

I’m sure the mix-up is causing as much confusion on their end as it is for us. Sorry, and good luck with your application!


so sorry, but thanks for reading :I


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