Improving the Highway


One of the (very few) things that’s bothered me as a new player on Arcane is the nether highway. I like it as an alternative to rails, and the map is absolutely brilliant. However, with the shear number of exits, it’s often hard to keep track of which is the main line without slowing down to read every sign. I noticed this a ton on the orange line when i first joined; at one point, it has a triple fork, all three equally wide and official looking.

Now, everyone learns the lines closest to them after multiple uses, but the problem isn’t just those new players. It’s also problematic for people attempting to visit others, since they have to read EVERY sign.

My suggestion is that we alter the main lines to look distinct from the exit styles. What springs to mind is using colored wool along the base of the main line at every exit. That way, you would be certain not to get lost off the Highway map, and could see the proper path without slowing to read signage.



This is a good idea. Even as someone who built the highways, with all the new branches being added constantly, it can be confusing what road is the main road.

Perhaps we could use different colored fences to mark the main branches of the highways, instead of blocks on the highway, as to not block the path.


Why not make a colored line of wool on the ceiling?


That could work too, it’s unobtrusive and would correspond to the highway map.


You are aware how much wool this would take, right? Even with a wool farm, you can’t make wool slabs… Maybe like a pattern, or an arrow with the corresponding color every hundred blocks or something.

EDIT: Just saw DClem’s post about making a line with the wool, not replacing the whole ceiling with wool…My statement still stands!


I completely agree with this idea. I also have trouble seeing things written on the signs, so is there any way that we could get more lighting on the highway without melting the ice? Otherwise, I think that a line on the ceiling would work well- if we only marked every other block, we could save wool, although it might not be a distinctive. Colored fences would also work. I’m pretty much on board with this idea no matter where it’s taken.


I have one issue with having it in the ceiling, how can we continue to ride horses along the track?


You’re just gonna have to use a lead, I guess.


We can put it on the sides rather than on the ceiling.


What if we put a short stripe showing the main branch under each junction? I’d be easy to see through the ice, and we don’t have to run it the whole length of the road, just near branches.


But new branches are created every week…


Another Alternative would be to make Solid Colored Banners on the Main Line.


This seems to me like the best solution so far. You’d still be able to ride horses and know the main path’s direction.


Also, could we close off some of the branches to abandoned builds, or at least make it more obvious that they are abandoned? I am forever stopping and trying to read signs in the low light only to realize that no one (for the most part) uses them anymore.


I think Banners are probably the best idea I’ve seen so far here. They don’t block the path, don’t require cutting and replacing ice blocks, and allow horse-riding (which most sections of the highway allow at the moment). As for the wool requirements, I’ll handle wool collection from the farm and in fact have already started.

A side comment on horse on the highway: using horses is faster than running, and there’s no stamina cost to jump, and you can see through the half-slab ceiling while on a horse. However, many section have a full block above the half slab ceiling which makes riders take damage on jumping. I’d like to clear out the sections of ceiling two blocks above the highway main lines to allow horses though all sections of the highway (also to clear out the occasional doubleslab block).

EDIT: I just tested it, Carpet does not remove the sliding effects of ice underneath it. If anything, It almost seemed a bit faster. However, if we did carpet it HAS to be solidly carpeted, because the transition from ice to carpet will cut your momentum if you jump at the wrong time (just sliding onto and off of carpet isn’t an issue). With that in mind, Does anyone think carpeting the highway would be a worthwhile choice?

I’ve converted a section of the Dark Blue highway to show off three options, Banners, Wool Blocks, and Carpet. Each section has one intersection and one section of straight highway, so you can see how it might look. I’ll take everything down if someone complains, but otherwise I’d appreciate it if everyone took a few moments to travel the Dark Blue highway and see which they prefer.


Being that I maintain the nether roads, I have gotten with Balgarion and come up with a solution that will work well.

Check out the Dark Blue Highway to see how it looks.

We will use the corresponding colored banners for the main line.
Individuals exits may place their banner on the exit but on the inside of the exit (if unsure ask)
Farms will have banners made to represent them (volunteers see me)

Forum people please mark this solved. thanks!


I’ve decided to apply the banner idea to the Orange highway, as it worked really well on the Blue Highway.
Someone also tried covering the end of the Orange highway in orange carpet (Balg probably) but it really doesn’t look as good !

I have only put banners where there could be a confusion, not for all special exits (most of them are very near the highway or feature their own design).


And I basically did that for every highway. I marked the “main road” (conveniently: the one displayed on the Highway Map Map in the hub) with banners on confusing intersection, not for every exit.

Looks great in my opinion, doesn’t block the view or anything and it keeps it simple ! Now saying “follow the highway to the end” is actually a good way of giving directions :smiley: