[IMPORTANT] Minecraft Name Change


Hey guys!

We can now change Minecraft usernames through your account page on Mojang’s site!

Your inventory, the place you logged off, and most other things will stay the same.

[size=150]However:[/size] Be aware, you won’t be able to access chests or doors you protected prior to name changing.

Before changing your name, add your soon-to-be new username[color=#F00]*[/color] to the protected blocks, or temporary remove protection from them (hint: use /cremoveall). Then change your name, come back on, and reclaim all the chests you need to protect again (hint: use /cpersist to persist the command)!

Best of luck!

[size=85][color=#F00]* You won’t be able to break your own chest if you take this route.[/color][/size]


Is there any hope for those of us who found this post too late? Thanks for letting us know, anyway.


I’ve already helped you, but for anybody else wondering:

If you can’t get into your chests, you can have a mod verify your identity and open your chests for you. If you’ve got a LOT of chests, you can have an admin remove every protection you’ve got in one go. You’ll then have to re-lock all your chests.