[Implemented] Server sleeping


Just found another video whilst watching Xisuma, i like this too, would be a nice implementation. Allows players to skip night when sleeping, even if some players are afk. youtube.com/watch?v=DOj_A3d … 83144C45A8


I’ve seen the sleep system that HermitCraft uses. Basically just one person needs to sleep in order to skip the night for everyone. I think it’s unvanilla to have that feature, but at the same time, I too would like it added. A lot of people AFK on the server for hours, if not days. Not being able to sleep the mobs away is a hassle. I’m willing sacrifice the vanilla for the more fair sleeping approach.


Yup, I agree with Scozzar.


I don’t think simply allowing One person to reset the night would be a good idea.

If instead, the [AFK] people could be treated as if they are IN a bed, and then everyone else online would still have to use a bed to skip it, I think that would be more fair.

I’m not sure if that would be possible, however.


I agree with Dragon and think that’s a really good idea.


I can agree to Dragon’s idea as well. I didn’t think that only having one person would be widely accepted, so I’ll take this!


Yeah, okay then, is there anyone who can rustle yup a plugin like it or something. I saw on the forgecraft server before i think that they used a forge server mod called Morpheus, where there had to be a majority in a bed before before it turned to day.
Found this neat little plugin that does this i think:


I think Ollie is on to something. I don’t mean to change sides every time, but all the suggestions are good!


So…is this going anywhere?


In a way, yeah


Yey, hopefully! :mrgreen:


Sorry for the late update on this, but I looked into this and it’s really easy to make AFK players ignore the sleeping check, so expect that in the next update to the plugin!


That’s great news. Thanks Morios! When can we expect this to roll out?


It rolled today, gents. As always, direct any questions / complaints to [size=50]the trash can[/size] me via PM or in game.


Wohoo! Thanks Morios!


Tried this today, it doesn’t work… :confused:


Nah, Sub told me that the plugin was installed, just not enabled.


erm… bump?


The plugin works now. I thought this had been resolved LOL


Oh, I presumed it never got turned on as when trying to sleep nothing comes up, my bad