I'm lame and not active. jugglingman is your new overlord


So I’m really lame and never sign on, and jugglingman pays for both the website and the server now. I recently changed the donations over from my PayPal to his, so he’s officially the supreme leader of Arcane now. :smiley:

I’ll still be admin, but I suppose jugglingman is the official owner now (instead of the two of us like it used to be).

Nothing is really changing here, I haven’t been active for ages. I just thought I’d let everybody know.


It’s been a long time since you were in-game promoting me to the Moderator out of nowhere along with DClem. Those were the good times. I still remember how the Dragon Egg chamber looked, but I never got to find where it is xD

Thank you for bringing a great community out of this server. You and Jugglingman will always be the special guys on this server. :smiley:


Meanwhile, in game, your house is frequently covered in cats.