How did you guys discover Minecraft?


Yogscast sold me on minecraft… and team avo sold me on multiplayer :slight_smile:


what do you mean by sold


A friend showed me minecraft when it was still beta 1.3. I instantly got hooked on it.


I was showed a rip of version of the game, and eventually learned that Minecraft came first, and slowly fell in love with all the Minecraft content on the internet. bought it myself right around 1.4.6, so about a year and a half ago, I think.


I first found and played Minecraft around when Minecraft version 1.4 was around. I tried the demo and classic versions, but they were way too dull for me.

I finally downloaded the cracked version of Minecraft. I played singleplayer, but soon, singleplayer got boring.

Then I found out something about Minecraft Servers. I joined a cracked server called “Survival Time” during Minecraft version 1.5. First thing I played was Skyblock, which was really fun for me. When Survival Time went down and became unstable, I found myself playing in “Cosmic Craft” and “Pikacraft”, both of which are cracked servers.

I finally decided to buy Minecraft few months ago (1.7.9), went on a SMP server search, and joined Arcane.

There’s my Minecraft history. xD


Mindrack is what got me into SMP and Minecraft all-together really.


I think it was Kurtjmac that got me into it, I thought what a silly game, then I started watching him and other mind crackers and then Roosterteeth and bought it. I had no time to play though so I just recently started playing!


Back in 2010 around Alpha 1.1.2 I started playing. I think I just heard of it on the internet somewhere and found it.


For me it was September 1st (maybe early on the 2nd), 2010. Had been browsing Reddit, saw a newspost in /r/gaming I think, about this game “Minecraft” hitting 100k accounts.

Looked at it, saw the price was rather cheap (and it would get higher when released! oh dear!), so I bought it.

Had a sweet world on my second world. First was a Snow world, and while cool, it added a level of difficulty I didn’t quite want. And I wanted to use boats.

Its all been downhill from there. It’s screwed up my grades in a few of my courses over the years, but I try not to do that too often anymore.


I heard about minecraft in 2009. First time I played with my friend at idk what alpha version. I bought my premium and started playing at April 2012, version 1.4.7 xD


Went to my cousin’s house one day and he was playing some very weird looking game. He had showed me Runescape a long time before this so I copied him again and started minecraft. This was about 3-4 years ago.


Friend showed me the game. StumbleUpon was a big deal back in 2009-2010. Kept running into it but ignored the Minecraft posts because I assumed it was like any other quick-buck online game. Turned out I was wrong. This game was glorious. Back then Notch was still updating his Tumblr with ideas and asking for suggestions. It was great. Those were the glory days.


I was in a Career Center program back in High School and my good friend was playing a game on the computer. To which I asked, “what are you playing?” Then that was the day the glorious Minecraft was introduced to me back in 2010 and I’ve been playing virtually daily since then. This game is probably going to last forever because of the great communities and the mod support.


A friend told me to pirate it at February 12th 2012. Didn’t take long before I bought my premium accounts.