Homemade Pipboy 2500 prop project


Hello y’all!

I thought I’d share with you guys my homemade Pipboy 2500 prop project that has been preoccupying my time besides Fallout 4 and minecraft. I wanted to have something unique to take with me whenever I cosplay a Vault Dweller (FYI, Vault 77. I carry around a puppet :wink: )

Anyway, it all started with a cheap hand-sized cigar box and a cannibalized $7 stereo I got from a Salvation Army and ended with a semi-realistic prop which would make Interplay proud. Since my prop differs slightly from the cannon pipboy 2000, I decided to make it “the 2500”. The main differences include the addition of a rad meter and the rotation of the primary input buttons. The reason for the change is that I simply couldn’t find buttons small enough to fit and decided to go with the flow.

While I didn’t chronologue the building process, I did take plenty of photos and placed them in this album: http://imgur.com/a/Ap2Ec . If you have any other thoughts or questions let me know!


Canti, that is AWESOME!!! It looks so good.

As a fellow fallout fan and fellow tech-tinkerer, bravo!


This is really pretty. I would totally carry one of these in a post-apocalyptic fashion convention.

I’m super curious about the resistors, are those actual resistors and terminal blocks? they look fake - super thick leads and the hole through the back of the block - but I’m not an expert on old electronics.


Thanks guys! I had fun making it even though through the entire process I was unsure how it’d turn out. I also posted this in the Fallout reddit and they had a similar reaction and now i totally cant wait to show it off at a convention :3

Hmm… although now I really want to see a post-apocalyptic fashion convention…

Anyway, why yes, those are real resistors. They’re from (as I understand it) some old burglar system and the same thing with the connector they’re attached to. I’m not really savvy with electronics either; I just thought they looked cool so I used them :stuck_out_tongue: