Highcliff - Looking for builders


I’m looking to start a new town. The location would be Highcliff (take the light blue highway to Sand Star and look for the Highcliff exit)

Currently Highcliff’s main attractions include a Zoo, Flame Skull Island, and Caldera Falls. Future projects include a Harbor, a Flying Steampunk type ship, a prison built on an island that looks like the nether, and a sunken ship.
There will also be a zoo expansion to include more creatures from the nether and I am going to paint the desert.

The build style is between medieval and steampunk. The area is not married to one type of build style but the idea is to try to do original things and attractions, or at least as original as can be considering how long MC has been around. I have tons of supplies so if you are just looking to build without the hassle of spending hours mining or chopping then Highcliff is the place for you.

Msg me in game or here.


Bumping this, surely someone would like to join and build freestyle with the chillest dude on the server.


I just visited, and like what you have going! I’m interested in settling out there if you’re still looking for folks to join you. I have some ideas for additions, but would be happy to help work on whatever once I get a home established.