High Silvaras: Looking for more residents!


Town Name: High Silvaras

Location: Aerendir Silvaras - at the far end of the East Road. Take Green Highway in the Nether.

Current Residents: Rhalyon, Dux_Ignitius (matthewaitken), Agnese89, Jacofalltrades (inactive), 12_klausma (inactive)

Theme: Elven architecture on vanilla Jungle Trees.


The town of High Silvaras is looking for more talented builders to join us! We are a town that focuses on aesthetics over function, although we use the town as our primary home on Arcane, and have a series of farms with food, livestock, and trees underground. The town is still a work in progress with plenty of good spots still available to use for a personal home.

Building in a jungle, especially up in the trees, can be quite intimidating and frustrating, but don’t let that stop you from joining us! We are a very friendly bunch and help each other constantly, so if you are stuck on your build we will gladly help. We all struggled at first but once you get your home down it gets easier to build in trees :smiley:

We demand a certain skill level and creativeness from our residents, so we will have to look at your previous builds on Arcane or ask you to make a small try-out build for us. You must also be open to constructive criticism as we ask and give input to each other constantly.

For more info, you can check out our embassy in the Embassy District at Spawn, right by the entrance of the public farms.

Contact Rhalyon or Dux_Ignitius about joining!

Click here to check out some pictures of the town


Awesome! That texture pack is sexy.


Welcome Colonel Caliss! Already doing some great work with us!