Group for LWC Chest Permissions Management


On any server, there are people who build things for the public and people who just like to build. Among greylisted people, there is always a possibility that a person can abuse taking resources from any public chest. A notable example is that a recent griefer took items from the new “ChestCave” to grief the spawn area.

Every time we want to add or remove a whole trusted community builder onto a chest system, we have to add individual names onto the chest. However, this doesn’t have to be if we take advantage of LWC’s group feature.

LWC uses permissions plugin-based grouping system. What the admins might be able to do is create a stub group named Project, Community, Builder, or etc. and make it possible for at least moderators to add or remove people from that permissions group (much like how moderators can greylist people). With that set up, it would no longer be necessary to go through every single community chests (storage or elsewhere) just to add/remove one person from access permission.

Thank you for reading.