Greylist application thread


Both jeluly and Jr_Richard have been greylisted.


IGN: snoot99
Age: 16
Wanting to play with friends.
Found out about this server through friends.


IGN: BlackHellFire76
Age: 16
My friends Zeppha and Willwon11 have been playing on the server for a bit, want to play with them.
Found out about this from my friends.


Both BlackHellFire76 and snoot99 have been greylisted.


IGN: McAwesome1029
Age: 16
A little about yourself: Wanted to play with my friend, told me to join this server.


IGN: Killerkeegan8
Age: 27
Info: Played MC for awhile a year or so ago. Just got a new laptop and decided to play again.
Found you: Dirtysquiryl told me about the server and to join


Killerkeegan8 is now greylisted. Welcome!


IGN: Jaddy_
Age: 17
A Little About Yourself: I Like to play minecraft on my spare time and go to the gym.
How did you find us? I found arcane from people talking about it on another server.


You are now greylisted. Welcome!


IGN: Kettaru
Age: 24
A little about yourself: I’m Katie, from England. Not played Minecraft for a while but would like to get back into things on a multiplayer server.
[Optional] How did you find us? Google!

Thanks in advance!


You are now greylisted. Welcome to Arcane!



This thread is now locked due to being obsolete. To apply to the greylist go to