Greeting from the Grand Icathian Library!



Regardless, I have been writing some of the Histories and Myths of Arcane through my own interpretation in a fun-to-read way for all to enjoy! I have done this before for the LoveTown Library, however, the town is now… abandoned.


BUT, I am here to bring y’all some RP and immersion into the game and trying to develop some interesting and kick_ass Lore for the server and all the kingdoms and communities all across the lands! I have set up a donation chest right in the south of spawn for all to donate anything they want to write down and contribute (either stories of their own, or just information on their homes for me to work with)!

It is located in the South direction over the bridge that suspends the crevasse by the bulletin board, and is between the donation-house and the mall. the chest comes with its own bulletin-board explaining essentially what I have just told y’all, but in TL:DR form, incase people who don’t frequent the forum decide to contribute as well(:

Let me know what y’all think, and I’m usually around often enough to reply swiftly to people! (please don’t hold me to that)

Your Freindly Neighborhood Lightning-Lord,


yes, I am also aware that the first word any of you will see doesn’t have the s on the end that it needs. Some writer I am, huh?


You can edit the title of your topic, you know? :slight_smile:


There’s no going back now.