Got Sick


Haven’t been on for much recently. Let me recap today:
Slept for about 13 hours, woke up, pissed like it was my life’s work, felt shaky and low energy, vomited, then ate a whole bag of cheetos.
And the last week was pretty much a lesser version of that, but it’s dying down very quickly now. Any ideas on what the hell that is?


Feels to me like you’ve just been having a heavy fever. I’d be afraid to say what the cause was though.

-Persistent vomiting
-General weakness

I do hope you’ve at least seen a doctor if it stayed for more than a week. Good that it’s dying down though.


Maybe tapeworm? That’s nasty.
If you live or have lived in a subtropical area, then could be malaria. Same symptoms, but 10 worse though…



I bet it’s Lupus.


Top-notch recovery plan.


Try dipping Doritos in Mountain Dew.