Gold and exp farm


The gold and exp farm is now operational. It needs some optimization and fixes (ghasts spawning, item sorter, etc). I advise you to not use it yet. Also, yes, this isn’t a lossless exp farm, I am working on it, but it’s impossible to make it 100% lossless.

Also, what is the server render distance and any chance of it increasing?


There seems to be a bug with pigmen surviving a 100 block drop and then waiting for you at the bottom.


I believe pigmens, like zombies, take various fall damage like how zombies and skeletons do. One way to make it lossless is to implement a suffocation module. That is pretty reliable and guarantees one-hit kill (unless the pigmen is armored)!



By loss I meant the player not picking up all the exp orbs, which is fine, because this thing is crazy fast! Sometimes though there only spawn like 5 pigmen, and new ones don’t spawn quick enough to maintain aggro. Known bug, caused by low server render distance.

Btw, it does have a suffocation module.


All the pigmen do not turn aggressive when you hit one. Only the pigmen in the sixteen blocks in radius (maybe higher, I’m not sure) gets aggressive, and newly spawned pigmen don’t get aggravated just because the older pigman is currently aggravated.

So it’s not really a bug, but just how the game works.

Suffocation is great, isn’t it? :stuck_out_tongue:


If new pigmen spawn while nearby pigmen are aggro, the new pigmen will get aggro too. The problem is that for some reason the spawn rates sometimes drop to really low numbers, especially with 1 player online (more players online = higher rates for some reason). If the spawn rates are too low, and there are no aggro pigmen within a 16 block radius, the farm stops. So the farm should work perfectly, but due to a bug in Minecraft (has been around since 1.7) it sometimes completely stops because there are almost no pigmen.

Yeah, it even kills the chickens!