[Forum] A "Project/Showcase" Subforum


Hello everyone!

It would be really awesome if we could have a Project/Showcase subforum (as are General Discussion and Server Suggestions).

In this subforum, anyone will be able to open a thread to share screenshots and feedbacks on ongoing projects, or showcase a build he/she/it just finished and is looking for advices/reviews.

This is to not mix this kind of specific topic with the General Discussion, a subforum more dedicated to all types of conversations, planning, events, etc…

Plus, I really hope that opening this subforum will actually push people to talk a bit more about what they are doing and share it with everyone!

An example of thread that would go in this subforum:


You can already do this in the general forum, but I suppose it would make sense to have a forum dedicated to it. I’ll give it another thought tomorrow and possibly add it.