[Fin] Spider Spawner Grinder Tripler (SSGT)


Hey guys!

I’d like to present you the…
Spider Spawner Grinder Tripler!

This farm was built in order to get strings, which will then help make phase 2 of the Guardian farm.

The SSGT is completed! It’s right south of the widely-known Guardian Farm!

Here’s the process:[ol]
[li][X] Clear out room for spawners. (Feb 7 to Feb 8)[ul][]Labor: ytorgonak[/li][/ul][/:m]
[li][X] Design rooms and make exp (punch) crushers. (Feb 8 to Feb 9)[/li]
[li][+] Finishing touches. Link it to the Nether Highway (Feb 9 to March 20)[ul][]Nether Coordinate: X: 685, Z: -25[list][]Linked through Guardian Farm exit[/li][/ul][/:m][/list:u][/:m][/ol]Note that I’m included in all the process here!

Here’s a photo of the progress:

Thanks to Ytorgonak for the only person who came over to help dig out the area!



When the guardian farm is complete,will the spider farm be open to the public?


It’ll most likely be open by the time second phase of the guardian farm finishes!


It’s almost done now! Onto final phase!


It’s done. All it needs is a connection to the Nether Highway…


This is pretty cool. I am trying to build a grinder like this myself, but i am stuck. If you could pm a video tutorial of how to accomplish this that would be cool.


This is almost an original creation from the design to redstone timing. It has three spider spawners so close together, and that’s what it makes this one unique.

There’s a lot of YouTube tutorials on how to build spider grinder using one spawner. You can search up “minecraft (cave) spider farm” on YouTube. There’s a lot of good tutorials out there.

… Unless you want me to make one. :stuck_out_tongue:


Hey SimonOrj thanks, for the advise i ended up building this grinder. It does not seem to work well though with spiders so i will have to find another one.


Oh shit, that image takes me back.

Reminds me of a Mob Spawner that was built on another server I played on, they used that design for killing Mobs.


Linked with Lime Nether Highway and done!

This farm is open to the public!