EPR Extension to ShadowVale (Phase II.5)


This is a huge project for the Arcane Railroad Authority, so I might as well make a post showing the process.

It began as a possible extension to an abandoned streamers’ town, but Melium mentioned that he wants a railway to his town. It wasn’t far from the original route, so I decided to make a railway there!

Here’s the (old) album complication of the progress:

EPR Project: Phases:
[ol][li]From the Spawn to the River City.[ul][]The Spawn -> Ice Farm Road: Two tracks.[/li][li]Ice Farm Road -> River City: Two tracks for the Local route, another two tracks for the Express route.[/li][/ul][/:m][li]From the River City to High Silvaras.[ul][]River City -> Love Town: Four tracks.[/li][li]Love Town -> Northeast Bay Beach: Three tracks.[/li][li]Northeast Bay Beach -> ShadowVale Drive: Two tracks for the Local route, one track for the Express route.[/li][li]ShadowVale Drive -> ShadowVale: Three tracks.[/li][li]ShadowVale Drive -> High Silvaras: Two tracks.[/li][/ul][/:m][li]From High Silvaras to the Guardian Farm.[ul][]High Silvaras -> Guardian Farm: two tracks.[/li][/ul][/:m][li]From the Guardian Farm to Port Lanson[ul][]Guardian Farm -> Port Lanson: Most likely 1 track.[/li][/ul][/:m][/ol]


How far along is this?

been a while since I took a ride down it, and while it was close, it wasn’t done.


Wow, it’s come a long way from July 2015!
It’s now completed :smiley:

Onwards to Phase 2.5!

Phase 2.5 consists of a stop in High Silvaras.

Phase 3 will be a two-track rail all-the way to the Guardian Farm.

Phase 4 will be a rail to Port Lanson. I do not know if we’ll be able to achieve Phase four, however.

Here is a little map information about the future of the East Railway.

However, we do have to note that the rail supply is shared among all the ARA rail project. Our another project connects the North Rail to the Mesa biome. Therefore, I cannot spend all the time on Arcane making rail connections at the East alone.

Anyhow, there goes the information. What are your thoughts?