Dynamic map chat


I think we should add a login option on the Dynamic map so people watching can chat with people on-line. This feature is already in the map plug-in, so I am confused to why it hasn’t been implemented yet.

“Map viewers can chat to players in-game.” - Curse


It is implemented. We just disabled the feature.
I personally think it’s weird to have non-online player saying stuff on the server chat.


It makes it easy for people to spam. There are apps you can download for your phone that allow you to talk in game.


Personally, I’d love it if we could do an IRC-channel link. Yeah, I know there’s the App out there, but an IRC channel is nice because it’s relatively easy to manage, and doesn’t take a lot of processing power to run it in the background. I might be the only one, but it’s kinda hard to have both the game running and the Dynmap on my connection.

Also a LOT easier to kick spammers from an IRC channel than it would be from the Dyn. A server I was on had CraftIRC, I believe. What was said in the MC world was put into the IRC by a bot, and you could “/say” in the channel, or something like that, to have it go to the MC world from IRC. So it could be a hangout for people that can’t get online at that time for … whatever, but still allow people to interact with those that were online.

I’d love it if we’d look into it, but I kinda doubt it’ll happen.


Isn’t there a bot you can use to detect and mute/ban players?
I think it would work fine if only greylisted people could use this chat.