There is a pattern in number of players active on the server depending on the month, and I want to explore it.

What takes away the most time from playing Minecraft (or any other game)?

College classes and video editing has been taking up so much time from playing for me. :confused:


Work, gym, soccer, social life


I’m on disability with multiple health issues, pretty much the only thing I do is play games on my computer and run a D&D campaign on Wednesday.

The thing that would take the most away would be when I feel like crap and am unable to muster enough energy to log in.


Work, college, and right now, internet issues :stuck_out_tongue:


Band,school,and more band.


Engineering lyfe, but I haven’t been on in weeks so I’m not an “active player” at this point. College is hard


Taking care of my kid and work.


Work. Pretty much jus work that’s keeping me from playing more.
That and crap I Should be doing but haven’t been.

And in march I start class(es) again.