Donators perks


Agentred came on the server the other day and asked if there were any perks that they could add to increase donations. Subsequently a few members on the server at the time donated anyway, so I’m not sure if this means that there is no plans to add any incentive to donate now however i though it would be appropriate to create a discussion to see if anybody did have any ideas. One of my ideas is to enable TNT for donators.


Moved to Suggestions Forum.

We are still open to suggestions about more / better donation perks that don’t make the game unfair to other players.


TNT is a bit tricky, since we have disabled it to be sure people don’t destroy everything.

Right now, it can be enabled for trusted players for specific projects. For example, I got to use TNT for my Nautilus project :slight_smile:

I think that system is good enough…