[Denied] Ban Appeal: SuperHostile


This isn’t a very good ban appeal becuase I have never done anything like this, but here goes.

Firstly I thought the iron was acceptable and public for anyone to take, because I saw someone else go in and take some iron. And then I tried to return it the next day after I realized it was an illicit activity, but I was lagging up a storm. Ask Rykunrykun for more details as he was there as a witness. Therefore I couldn’t open a chest to give the iron back. Now im not sure how i was acting like an idiot, but im sorry. This was my favorite server yet and everyone greeted me with warmth. I would especially like to apologize to Rykun, as he was so kind to me, and after i got banned he stated that ‘I was a shit’ So thank you for your consideration, and even if i dont get accepted, I would at least like to speak and apologize to both Rykun and Subvrtc



There’s a couple of other reasons you were banned.

Firstly you griefed a piece of carpet at spawn, which in itself isn’t that big a deal. Secondly you didn’t take a bit of iron, you took all the blocks that were in the chest. Not only shouldn’t you grab something that’s clearly used for construction purposes, it also had two clear signs stating that you weren’t allowed to do that in the first place (one stating you should contact a mod to enter that building, the second being a sign in front of it). Thirdly, as new players were arriving you were behaving quite immature, playing the guilty party by telling them: “pro tip, don’t steal iron.” Which…you know, a normal rational person doesn’t do in the first place.
Fourthly, I’m also suspecting you of x-raying as you displayed strange behavior when you were mining on your first day. Next to that you’ve behaved in a childish manner in chat and have refused to heed signs that state you shouldn’t occupy a farm before the other player is finished with it. You’ve also done a very poor job of replanting certain crops that you picked from the spawn food-farm.

There’s loads more than just that.

If you’re mature act like it, accept you have done wrong and admit it. After that we’ll see what happens. Though don’t count on anything.

  1. Ive never went mining before in that world, and the giant quarry was not built by me. Secondly, in the farm i have replanted every single crop and even took the job of bonemealing the crops i took. The only time i didnt replace something were the shears that i broke and i lost my house because my home was weirdly set to the top of the nether. However Rykun still gave me the shears which i replaced after hand. and the pro tip dont steal iron was immediately stopped after you told me to, because i didn’t understand how that was being immature but I know you probably knew better than me so i did as told. And i accept that I took the iron, but i had full intention of giving it back.


Obviously you didn’t get what I was aiming for here.

When you first joined you mined a certain area in which it looked like you were x-raying so please don’t play innocent. You didn’t replant every crop because I had to refill a large portion of blocks after you had deprived them of wheat (mods and admins can check for those kinds of things).
If you don’t understand how you’re being immature then I suggest you grow up a bit more, maybe you can look back at this period in your life later and have a good laugh at it.

Further I don’t believe you had any intention of giving back the iron.

There’s something you need to understand: when someone gives you a home to make friends in you should return the courtesy, especially when asked to do something. Not make them run in circles and be disrespectful. The least you could have done was apologize profusely for having to deal with lag, not waste our time by displaying an immature attitude in chat and pvp-ing at spawn with new players.

I am not unbanning you, I see no reason to. This thread will be locked. Good luck in your future playing experiences.